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Pokémon comics!
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Got My Copy! by Vye-Brante Got My Copy! :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0 Sheer Power Book 1 Cover by Vye-Brante Sheer Power Book 1 Cover :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 2 3
KH Vye Origins Part 4
            Because I had come clean about the cracks in my heart, Malik stopped being suspicious about my behavior. My parents seemed to check up on me more to make sure Malik or some other guard was with me, but largely things settled into the same routine.
            Malik would sometimes still skip days of study. I continued going into town and learning all the skills I thought could be of use to myself or others. Eventually the accessory shop owner let me even try forging my own tools and accessories. They were low quality and didn’t do much, but I was satisfied with them as a beginner.
            Months went by and I continued to train and study to improve myself. One day Malik told me to study magic on my own and come back when I learned a new spell on my own. I practiced the day alone and went back to talk to him when I had gotten t
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0
KH Vye Character Reference 2 by Vye-Brante KH Vye Character Reference 2 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 5 4
KH Vye Origins Part 3
            It really had been Vander who asked Malik to come teach me. When my parents found out about it, they welcomed him and gave him his own room in the castle.
            I had no way of knowing what kind of teacher Malik would be, but I quickly found out.
            Malik was indeed very talented and extremely knowledgeable about magic.
            But he could also be very lazy.
            There were many times he’d just tell me to go off and practice on my own. He’d sometimes give me some sort of new spell or book to study and after showing it to me once he’d say we were done for the day. I’d often find him napping under a tree or at his desk.
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 0
KH Vye Character Reference 1 by Vye-Brante KH Vye Character Reference 1 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 5 0
KH Vye Origins Part 2
            My parents were supportive of my decision to learn how to fight, though they were reluctant to actually let me go out against the Heartless once I had done so. I couldn’t really blame them as I was going to still be a beginner and fighting Heartless was dangerous even for the experienced warriors.
            I wasn’t really sure where to start. I was introduced to various teachers, guards, wizards, and mages over the next several weeks. I tried out things like swords and axes. Bows and arrows were interesting. After studying and practicing with everything I could get my hands on, I decided to focus on magic. I thought it would help me to be able to fight at short or long range, and I could also learn healing spells. That would give me another way to help instead of just attacking.
            Magic would be hard to learn th
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 5
KH Vye Origins Part 1
            The day before my sixteenth birthday.
            I remember it well.
            That’s when everything, and I really mean everything, changed.
            “What do you mean Vander isn’t going to be at my party?!” I demanded.
            “The negotiations with the Welkins kingdom are taking longer than expected,” my father attempted to explain. “They are at a very delicate point in the process and he can’t very well leave in the middle of it all to be here.”
            Back then, I stomped my feet and gave a loud huff. My tastes were very different when I was younger. I remember I liked w
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 5
Shiny #144 by Vye-Brante Shiny #144 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0 Shiny #143 by Vye-Brante Shiny #143 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0 Shiny #147 by Vye-Brante Shiny #147 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0 Shiny #147 by Vye-Brante Shiny #147 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 2 Shiny #146 by Vye-Brante Shiny #146 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 3 19 Nightmare 38 by Vye-Brante Nightmare 38 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 9 10 Pokemon Sun Team by Vye-Brante Pokemon Sun Team :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 7 21
Ch. 27 The Impatient Patient
            When Vye woke up the next morning, she was in a room she didn’t recognize. She looked around lazily at it. It was a small room with a single door and window. It was rather plain yet still homey somehow. She couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to explore to figure out where she was. She oddly wasn’t that concerned when she realized she had no idea where she currently was or how she had gotten there. She saw her back pack sitting on a small table in a corner of the room. Pebb was on a small pillow next to it, also resting. Farr was on the floor next to the bed Vye was in.
            After laying there for a while, she saw Kidd come up to her. Kidd said something wouldn’t have been able to understand even if she was thinking clearly, and then Kidd ran off as if in a hurry. Vye just continued to lay there with her head in a fog.
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 0

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I keep wanting to review movies as I see them, but haven't been. Should I pick that up again? 

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I hope no one feels like I am spamming you with Sheer Power stuff. It's kinda the biggest thing going on right now. Seeing how I have new artwork coming up soon, it's not going to stop for a bit.

If you haven't heard, I published Sheer Power through Amazon and promptly purchased myself a hard copy of it. I've often seen authors online say that first thing they would see when they opened up a new book they just published was some sort of mistake. I was honestly anticipating the same thing, and I was right! Right as I was looking over the prologue, I see a "they" when I meant "the." Typo time!

I decided to go through the book, (which I may have done anyway,) and look for any other errors. I did find several of them. I didn't keep track so I don't have a number or anything. I just know there were more than a few but I don't feel like there were a TON. Just more than there should have been. Less than one a chapter on average though, I can say that.

While going through it, when I found something needing fixing, I would go over to my iPad where I keep the file and update it right away so I wouldn't lose track of it. After going through the whole thing, I uploaded the file again to Amazon and so now the corrected version is what will be available for purchase.

Something people have asked is how many have already sold, and the answer is I don't know. I'm sure Amazon will have to send me some sort of report at some point as they have to give me my royalties. I don't know how often they do that. They've only been on sale for two weeks as of tomorrow, so I don't think it's that unusual that I haven't heard yet. I'll find out when I find out.

Printed copies ordered before the fixes will obviously still have the errors. Nothing to do about that. What I wasn't sure about was the digital ones as it seems like it should be easy to fix them. But from what I've read from the Amazon site is that they don't update either. Once you purchase it, that's the version you get. Anyone who purchases it after the fixes are uploaded will see the corrected version.

So now I feel really guilty about it!!

People I've talked to have said not to worry about it as they find errors in books all the time. Someone even said that makes their versions more "valuable" as they have the originals. But I still feel bad about it. I worked hard trying to put out the best product I could, asked people to pay for it, and then it ended up being flawed.

It's not as if I didn't proofread it before it went up. Quite the opposite. I've had this book of Sheer Power written for quite some time. Most of it for a few years now. There are only a few chapters that were more recent. The only reason besides those few chapters that it didn't get published sooner was because I had it I my head where I had wanted to end the book but that point just kept getting further and further away until I was able to convince myself it needed to be cut. For context, after I decided to cut it, basically left me still with enough material for a Book 2.

Periodically, I read through what I've already written to check for errors or anything that should be changed or tweaked. I would find things that needed fixing and fix them. I've read through the book several times to do this. Usually I would find something with each read through. Unfortunately, I think because I read it so many times and I knew what it was SUPPOSED to say, I still missed things. I am human after all.

I have a group I put together to give me feedback and to help with proof reading, but when I have them on a volunteer basis only, there isn't a lot I can do to FORCE them to read it. They have their own lives and things they need to do. Until recently, they didn't even have any deadline to worry about as I never actually did anything with my work I showed them. So whenever someone would read through it and would find something to fix, I'd fix that too. I was proofreading it, others were proofreading it, but some things still got missed and I feel bad about it. And I don't blame them, of course. I can't expect them to find every little thing when they are just reading in their free time. I'm the one who made and missed the mistakes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel like I had done everything I could to make it the best product possible, but mistakes still happened with it. Do I feel bad? Yes. Do I think I should? I dunno, sort of. I hate beating myself up over it when the worst thing that was in there was I said a character had blue eyes and then ten pages later they had brown. I do hate that people could have potentially ended up with the errors and I can't fix them for them. My only hope is that it didn't ruin anyone's enjoyment of the story.

I'm actually pretty sure if I read through it again, it would be entirely possible that I missed something else. I probably will read through it again at some point, but I'm taking a break from it for now. I gotta move on to making sure the same thing doesn't happen with Book 2. I've learned that having a paper copy seems to help, so I might utilize that next time.

I know my explanation doesn't exactly fix or excuse how I sold something with typos, but I just hope that if by chance you did get that version that you don't hate me. I apologize. I am going to try much harder for you in the future, I promise!

All fixes are live, by the way. So if you haven't purchased your copy of Sheer Power yet, now's the time as you'll get the corrected version. I don't know if it's 100% error free... but it's much closer at least.


Vye Brante
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Vye Brante
Weapon: Dual Keyblades
Keyblade 1: V-Blade Ability: Sage's Sacrifice
Powerful physical attacks but weakens magical attacks. Prolongs MP Charge, allowing more time to fill the Drive Gauge.
Keyblade 2: Raider Ability: Strike Raid
Short range. Not exceptionally powerful in the hand, but gives the user the ability to use Strike Raid, a powerful attack where the Keyblade is hurled at the enemy at the cost of 30 MP.

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5s
Personal Quote: "People are stupid."


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