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Final Pokemon Sun Team by Vye-Brante Final Pokemon Sun Team :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 6 0 Sheer Power Book 2 Cover by Vye-Brante Sheer Power Book 2 Cover :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 2 0
KH Vye Origins Part 8
            “It’s time to test out that Cure of yours,” Malik announced one day.
            He didn’t really elaborate much more than that, but after all this time I was used to Malik’s tendency to withhold information. After I had spent the last few weeks trying my best to master Cure, he was leading me off through the castle grounds.
            What he neglected to mention was he planned on doing this test at the infirmary on castle grounds near the guard station. This is where they would take the injured people after fights with the Heartless. It did occur to me the only way I would be able to see if my Cure was working was to use it on someone that was already hurt. I guess I just hadn’t anticipated visiting the people who had gotten hurt trying to keep the rest of us safe from the Heartless.
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 2
Sheer Power Book 1 Preview
Chapter 8: Task At Hand
            Seisho made his way down the street as quickly as he could. He’d slow down now and then to look around but would then keep on running.
            He was currently in the eastern part of the city, having gone a several kilometers from his home. Had he realized beforehand he would be going so far, he probably would have taken his mother’s car.
            Seisho came to a stop to catch his breath. He looked around as he wiped his forehead.
            “Should be the right way,” he muttered.
            Seisho has been speaking just to himself, so when he got a response, it surprised him.
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0
KH Vye Origins Part 7
            The day following my battle with the Heartless and the memorial was my seventeenth birthday. Seeing how I wasn’t conscious for my last birthday, my family seemed determined to help me enjoy it.
            My father had two sisters, and my mother had a sister and two brothers. These aunts and uncles brought their families to the castle that day to help us celebrate. We just got together in the evening and had a meal together. It was about as fancy as I let them get. I didn’t really care for anything more.
            I had tried to talk them out of gifts, but of course they all brought some anyway. It seemed they were trying to show their support in my magic studies as many of them brought me different spell books, charms, and other equipment that could be helpful. I appreciated their thoughtfulness and acceptance of my stud
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 2
KH Vye Origins Part 6
            I only vaguely remember what we did after the fight with the armor Heartless was over. I think we went to see my parents. I remember there was some shouting and I think Mother cried over me. I attempted to eat some breakfast but was only mildly successful. I think they were still talking about it when I asked Vander to help me get back to my room.
            The early start of my day and the unexpected strain from the fight left me tired. I went and crashed on my bed and fell back asleep.
            I slept until the afternoon. I was still in a bit of a daze but I wanted to be ready for the memorial service that evening. We held it just outside the castle walls. The citizens gathered together while my family stood on a stage.
            We held the memorial at sunset. As the sun
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0
KH Vye Origins Part 5
            “Magic does not reward the impatient or the over confident. Seeking out a fight whether or not you will win will not prove anything. Do you understand?”
            “I understand.”
            I did understand.
            The question of whether or not I would win was not the question I wanted answered.
            Maybe it was silly of me to not have said so.
            When I had said I wanted to fight a Heartless, I was thinking I’d just go outside the castle walls and wait for a Shadow or two to come along. Maybe a Soldier. Since it would hav
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 2 0
KH Vye Character Reference 3 by Vye-Brante KH Vye Character Reference 3 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 9 4
Sheer Power Book 1 Preview
Chapter 4: Masters and Their Students
            The day continued much how it normally did. Juto and Kimiten returned to their lessons while Seisho went back to the housework. They had lunch in the afternoon and then all went back to work afterward. Seisho was left with the lunch dishes which he soon cleaned and loaded into the dishwasher. The new batch filled the machine, so Seisho started its cleaning cycle.
            It was at this point he heard a soft chiming sound coming from the front room. He looked towards it, recognizing it as his cell phone which had been left in his jacket pocket. Seisho made his way to the front door where he had left his jacket hanging on a coat rack.
            Seisho pulled out the phone and saw he had a couple of messages he had missed. The newest was a text message from his mother.
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 0
SP Character: Seisho Koujin by Vye-Brante SP Character: Seisho Koujin :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0 Half Tone Costumes by Vye-Brante Half Tone Costumes :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 2 Got My Copy! by Vye-Brante Got My Copy! :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0 Sheer Power Book 1 Cover by Vye-Brante Sheer Power Book 1 Cover :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 2 3
KH Vye Origins Part 4
            Because I had come clean about the cracks in my heart, Malik stopped being suspicious about my behavior. My parents seemed to check up on me more to make sure Malik or some other guard was with me, but largely things settled into the same routine.
            Malik would sometimes still skip days of study. I continued going into town and learning all the skills I thought could be of use to myself or others. Eventually the accessory shop owner let me even try forging my own tools and accessories. They were low quality and didn’t do much, but I was satisfied with them as a beginner.
            Months went by and I continued to train and study to improve myself. One day Malik told me to study magic on my own and come back when I learned a new spell on my own. I practiced the day alone and went back to talk to him when I had gotten t
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 0 0
KH Vye Character Reference 2 by Vye-Brante KH Vye Character Reference 2 :iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 6 4
KH Vye Origins Part 3
            It really had been Vander who asked Malik to come teach me. When my parents found out about it, they welcomed him and gave him his own room in the castle.
            I had no way of knowing what kind of teacher Malik would be, but I quickly found out.
            Malik was indeed very talented and extremely knowledgeable about magic.
            But he could also be very lazy.
            There were many times he’d just tell me to go off and practice on my own. He’d sometimes give me some sort of new spell or book to study and after showing it to me once he’d say we were done for the day. I’d often find him napping under a tree or at his desk.
:iconvye-brante:Vye-Brante 1 0

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I’m doing a Nuzlocke in Sun. I’m going to post progress on Twitter #VyeSunlocke. Should I post anything here too? 

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Still not sure that I should, but I am releasing Book 2 on November 20th. This probably means nothing to anyone seeing how no one has actually purchased the first one, but who cares, it’s going to be released anyway! Pricing will be the same as Book 1, $9.99 for physical copies and $2.99 for the digital ones.

Once Book 3 has been released, I was considering putting out some special edition with all three of them in it, but just fantasies at this point.

Just getting that out f the way though. What I really wanted to talk about is my nuzlocke in Sun.

I like replaying games so I got Sun as the one I could restart and Moon as where I can save my items and Pokemon. I reset my Sun randomly the other day. I have been hunting for shiny Barboach in Moon and it hadn’t been going well. Out of frustration, I reset Sun and planned on resetting for a shiny Rowlet starter.

I actually didn’t want to play it again seeing how Ultra Sun/Moon is coming out next week, but since I was there, I got the itch to do a Nuzlocke. After I got yet another freakin’ shiny Whiscash, I decided to go ahead and Nuzlocke it up!

1. Only catch the first Pokemon encountered in a new area.
2. If a Pokemon Faints, it’s considered dead
Optional Rules I used:
-Name every Pokemon caught, I went with a naming theme of Musical Terms
-Pokemon Refresh and Exp. Share are allowed
-Dups clause (Dups are no longer dups if original has died)
-Shiny clause
-Z moves allowed

I still started with Rowlet and named him Maestro. He has a Quiet nature which is okay, I think. We fought Hau with no problem and soon went on Route 1 for our first catch.

We got a female Ledyba with a Sassy nature. I named her Senza. Two flying types meant that I had a problem with Hau’s Pichu decided to be mean, so I levelled up a bit before the next fight. We went to fight Hau and his Pichu just kept using Tail Whip or something and never attacked. So no problem!

Some Nuzlockers will count the different sections of places like Route 1 as a new encounter, but I didn’t. It’s all Route 1. This meant I was stuck with only Senza and Maestro for the Trainer’s School too. I was worried about the Grimer and Magnemite. Grimer kept doing defensive moves too, I believe, and we did a comfortable amount of damage on Magenemite, so we pulled through.

Once we were allowed into the city, I was able to get my next encounter, a male Alolan Meowth with a Bold Nature. I named him Tempo. His nature is pretty bad, but he manages to do pretty good anyway. We levelled up again before going to fight Ilima and his Smeargle. I let Maestro set up Echoed Voice and we took out the Smeargle without any problem.

Then I snuck to the cemetery because it was going to change to night time in my game and I wanted Drifloon before it did. (This was around 10 o’ clock at night actually but I have my DS set several hours back so I can have access to day time normally since I’m a night owl.) I went into the cemetery and actually did end up with my Drifloon! A male one with a Serious nature. I named him Grave. (It’s from the Musical Term’s list and deals with the mood of a song. It fits all around!)

Route 2 encounter was less exciting. A female Yungoos with a Timid nature. I decided to just box her since I was already putting together a pretty good team. I didn’t really know what my plan was for the Verdant Cave trial. I gave Senza Brick Break just in case but lead with Maestro. He took the hits pretty well and took Gumshoos out after a few hits. No problem again! And Maestro evolved too! Then I got my encounter and got a female Zubat with a Lonely nature. Just what I wanted! All good news! I named her Crescendo.

On Route 3 I hoped for a Rufflet, but I got a male Spearow with a Mild Nature. Not surprising but not a good nature for it. His name is Score. I boxed him too seeing how I had plenty of flying types. (Which would have been true for Rufflet too, in hindsight.) In the Melemele Valley or whatever it’s called, I caught a male Metapod with a Hardy nature. I named him Stretto. He is level 11 so if I ever wanted to use him he’d evolve right away at least. But boxed for now!

Another Hau fight that was less of an issue now that I had Tempo to take care of Pikachu. Senza evolved after the fight was over.

I wasn’t sure how worried I had to be about Hala seeing how I had four flying and a ghost on my team. I realized afterward I probably still needed to worry about him using a Z move, but he never did anyway. We took him out pretty easily. Grand Trial Complete!

I got Tauros and headed to Ten Carat Hill to hopefully get a Rockruff. This didn’t end up happening and I got a female Machop with a Timid nature instead. Timid is probably one of the worst natures for a Machop, but I decided to let her take Senza’s spot on the team. She was doing pretty well actually, but since Ledian tend to not be very strong, I was worried something would happen to her. When it came time to name the Machop, I accidentally hit no. Fortunately I wa soon off to the next island and that’s where the name rater is. I changed her name to Ballata.

We had nothing to worry about from Dexio so we were soon on Route 4. We found a male Lillipup with a Lonely nature. I named him Brass. Since I knew I’d be getting an Eevee egg soon, I decided to box him. Then while fighting trainers on Route 4, Tempo evolved. Guess we were pretty friendly with each other!

Another fight with Hau. No worries. I still hadn’t used a Z Move and he didn’t use one either. We went up to the Ranch were I picked up my egg. It hasn’t hatched yet so I don’t know what I got other than Eevee. I let that be my encounter. I went up to Route 5 to meet up with Hau and Gladion. I wasn’t sure how worried I needed to be about Type: Null, but fortunately I had Ballata and she had just learned Revenge. That double damage took it out easily in two hits and Ballata wasn’t even down to half. I remembered I could get another encounter and we got a male Fomantis with a Bashful nature. I named him Manual. Maestro has the grass type covered so another member for the box.

That’s basically where I left off. Zero Deaths so far so that’s good for me. Team is around level 21-23. Only other thing of note is somewhere between Panoila Town and Route 5 Pokemon Center I picked up Pokerus. I think this is the first time I’ve ever gotten it myself and through a trade! I’ll be taking on the Water Trial soon. I keep changing my mind about what I want to do with my Eevee. I am actually sorta tempted to cheat and level it up in my Moon version so I can get a Glaceon... but I should probably stick to either a Jolteon, Espeon, or Flareon.

Anyway, that’s how the game is going! I’ll do another update like this... sometime!


Vye Brante
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Keyblade 2: Raider Ability: Strike Raid
Short range. Not exceptionally powerful in the hand, but gives the user the ability to use Strike Raid, a powerful attack where the Keyblade is hurled at the enemy at the cost of 30 MP.

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